ALDI Brendale Distribution Centre Using an Ammonia System for Chilled Water in Offices

The ALDI Brendale Distribution Centre has now reached practical completion.This facility has over 10,000 sqm of freezer and chiller storage, all provided by a two stage refrigeration system .

The 2300 sqm fruit and vegetable & chocolate storage warehouse and the office air conditioning are supplied by a 700 kW chilled water plate heat exchanger which is connected to a high temperature stage of the ammonal central plant  refrigeration system  .  This system was designed and specified by ISECO and will effectively eliminate all synthetic refrigerants from the refrigerated warehouse and office systems.  Whist this has required more coordination with the Mechanical services  contractor , the end result  will give a long term solution not affected by changes in  HFC phase downs etc. 


 Brendale 2